Winter/Spring 2006
Volume 13,
Number 2

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Gregory Olsen in Zero Gravity
Scientist and FDU alumnus Gregory Olsen enjoyed the ride of a lifetime last fall when he blasted into space aboard a Russian rocket and journeyed to the International Space Station. Share his unforgettable journey out of this world and follow his path from FDU student to space explorer.


Welcoming a Key Addition
Literary scholar and veteran administrator Willard Gingerich recently joined Fairleigh Dickinson University as University provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.



The Philanthropic Impact
Senior Vice President for University Advancement Richard Reiss offers first-hand insight into the key fund-raising programs and the vision for the future of philanthropy at FDU.

Fiscal Year 2005 Giving Highlights


 Corporate Communications Artwork


Communicating in Corporate America
In a world where information is overflowing and skepticism is abundant, corporate communicators need to adapt to changes in the field.

Corporate Communication Institute

Communication Programs Growing at FDU


Positively Speaking
With no sign of despair, psychology professor Charles Schaeffer enjoys a pleasurable probe of life’s most joyful delights — laughter, play and love.





Karin Hirtler-Garvey, BS’79 (T)
Tallying the Bottom Line

Chee Gates, BA’03 (M)
Writer Breaks Through at O

Robert Weinberg, MS’70 (T)
Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Community Close-Ups


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