Summer/Fall 2005
Volume 13,
Number 1

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The International Student on Campus
This multi-part section examines the latest trends in international study in the United States and how students from abroad are playing a big part in Fairleigh Dickinson’s global mission.

From Far and WideRead
of new developments in inter-
national recruting and the many services and programs in place for FDU’s international students.

Branch Campus for International StudentsCheck out the plans for a new FDU campus in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Of Life and LearningMeet some of the University’s international students and see what they are learning about education and life in the United States.

Diary of a Super-RecruiterTravel with one of the University’s outstanding recruiters as she journeys abroad to spread the word about FDU.

A Broader View of Child Soldiers
FDU Professor David Rosen presents an interesting and complex picture of child soldiers. Can children make conscious and rational decisions to take up arms? A look at several current and historical conflicts reveals that child soldiers are not always victims.



Doris Drucker, MS’63 (T)
Counting Only the Sunny Days

Robert Tomlinson, Jr., MBA’82 (M)
Making a Bid for Success

John O’Neill, BA’63 (R)
Negotiating Danger as a Day Job


Diane Sommerville
Challenging Historical Notions

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