FDU Magazine Online - Summer/Fall 2007

Winter/Spring 2008
Volume 15,
Number 2 

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FDU-Vancouver Opens Its Doors
Fairleigh Dickinson University in September 2007 celebrated the opening of its new campus, FDU-Vancouver. Located in a cosmopolitan Canadian city and designed primarily for international students, FDU-Vancouver boasts state-of-the-art facilities and features an inaugural class rich in diversity and overflowing with ambition.


Going the Distance for a Good Cause
FDU alumnus and former National Football League player George Martin, BA’87 (T), is walking across the United States to raise awareness and funds for 9/11 rescue workers. Follow his inspired odyssey, from the George Washington Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge, and learn what's driving the ex-Giants star.


Study-abroad Programs Span Eurasia
Pattarin Chumnumpan traveled from Taiwan to New Jersey to study global business administration, but her crowning lessons were learned back across the globe in China. Lauren Iacono was an Italian-American who loved Italian culture and food. But it wasn’t until her FDU study-abroad experience in Italy that she got a taste of what it really means to be Italian. Take a glimpse at these incredible journeys.



Gaining a Sustainable Edge
Sustainability is not just the latest celebrity cause. Sustainable business practice may be the only way to ensure that businesses do well now without destroying the ability to do well in the future. Experts from Fairleigh Dickinson’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise explain why.




Seth Greenberg, BA’78 (T)
Virginia Tech Coach Builds a Contender

Tiina Loite, BA’79 (R)
New York Times Picture Editor Has Style

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