teaches nothing except the
of life.”
— Henry Miller

The State of the Arts at FDU

Fairleigh Dickinson University enjoys a rich tradition of exposing students to the world of art and music. The University founders, the Sammartinos, had a passion for the arts, and they worked closely with cultural centers in the community and devotedly ensured that students had a strong cultural background.

Paint BrushesWhile special attention has always been given to attending theaters, museums and concert halls, FDU places even greater emphasis on bringing the arts to campus. For example, the Sammartinos helped the University take the lead nationally in having works of art displayed throughout the campuses as they personally collected art and brought artists from throughout the world to the University. “Since the very beginnings of the college, I had art exhibits at Fairleigh Dickinson,” Peter Sammartino once recalled. “I remember that during the war, I would borrow a truck ... and drive it to New York to pick up paintings and sculptures from the artists ...”

Piano KeysWith similar vigor, professional musicians were regularly brought to campus and dramatic productions were routinely staged. Such efforts were driven by Sammartino’s belief that two of the things that made life meaningful were feeling exhilaration at beauty and being able to create. FDU has remained faithful to this philosophy and has continued to be among the leading institutions providing cultural offerings.

MasksThis issue of FDU Magazine provides a comprehensive look at the many opportunities students — as well as members of the local communities — have to be exposed to the beauty of art and to learn the art of creation. We organized this special feature into sections focusing on musical performances, theatrical events and exhibits of artistry.

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