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Decoding Mailstop Codes

Codes: C-BBF-SS
C first letter is campus
BB next two letters are building
F digit is floor (0=basement)
SS is mail delivery stop

M- Florham Campus, Madison
AB Statler-Zenner Acad. Bldg
BB The Barn
CB Chaine House
DB Dreyfuss
DH Danforth
EC East Cottage
EO Equal Opportunity House
FT Florence Twombly
FL Campus Library
GH Gatehouse
HT Hamilton Twombly
LA Library Annex
MO Monninger Center
MS Mansion
PA Park Avenue Residence Hall
RC Ferguson Rec Center
RI Rothman Institute
SB Science Building
SC Student Center
SP School of Pharmacy
WC West Cottage
WE Wellness Center
ZN Statler-Zenner Acad. Bldg

H-Hackensack Side, Metropolitan Campus
AT Rothman Center
CF Buildings and Grounds
DH Dickinson Hall
DS Print Shop
EW Edward Williams Bldg
PY Psychological Services

T-Teaneck Side, Metropolitan Campus
AH Alumni Hall
BE Becton Hall
BH Bancroft Hall
EF EOF Building
DS Dean of Students
FH Field House
FL History/Foreign Languages
GL Giovatto Library
IS International Student Services
KB Kron Bldg
MU Muscarelle
PB Purchasing
PS Public Safety
RA Robison Annex
RH Robison Hall
SU Student Union Bldg
UH University Hall
WH Williams Hall