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Although student voices filled the airwaves when the 89.1 frequency was originally acquired, the on-air talent has grown into a collection of radio professionals with specific areas of expertise, many of whom are FDU alumni.

Solá is one such expert. As a result of hosting and producing “Que Viva La Música,” she has become a recognized insider on salsa and Latin jazz in the New York metropolitan area. In 1999, she was invited by the Smithsonian Institute to serve as an adviser to its Latin Jazz Planning Committee, organized by the Smithsonian’s America’s Jazz Heritage. She assisted in the planning of its traveling exhibition, “Latin Jazz: La Combinacion Perfecta (Latin Jazz: the Perfect Combination)” and helped choose the selections featured in the CD released in conjunction with the event. In the exhibition’s interactive media module, Solá’s voice can be heard along with that of the late legend Tito Puente, narrating a segment describing the mambo.

As musical influencers, hosts also have the opportunity to meet and shine a spotlight on some of their heroes through interviews and special programs. “I’ve met some of the greatest people — not only some of Latin music’s hottest stars, but also the ‘veteran warriors of the music,’ sidemen and bandleaders alike, who richly deserve recognition. Providing that recognition is one of my missions,” she says.

DJs Ron Olesko and Vicki Sola

Fellow disc jockey Ron Olesko, BA’79 (T), agrees. “Because of my work on WFDU I’ve been honored to get to know many artists I’ve admired since childhood. To be invited to Pete Seeger’s home to record an interview was a real thrill,” he says.

As host of WFDU’s longest-running folk program, “Traditions,” Olesko says one of his proudest achievements was a two-hour revue of the music and writing of Woody Guthrie, featuring a number of contemporary artists such as Tom Chapin, Bethany Yarrow, David Massengill, Greg Greenway and many others. “I’ve loved having the opportunity to let my creative juices flow,” he says. Olesko’s contributions to folk music were recognized when he was nominated for a 2007 Folk Alliance Music and Business Award for broadcasting.


Tuesdays, 6–9 a.m.
“The Music Palace”

Thursdays, 1–3:45 p.m.
“Across the Tracks w/ Dennis Gruenling”

Tuesdays & Thursdays,
9 a.m.–1 p.m.
“Let There Be Country”

Saturdays, 4–6 p.m.
“The Carnival of Song”

Saturdays, 9 p.m.–1 a.m.
“That Modern Rock Show”

For a complete program schedule, visit www.wfdu.fm.

WFDU’s programs showcase the passions, experiences and knowledge of the hosts. Listeners can hear up-to-the-minute favorite songs from studied experts in a variety of genres — from the diverse mix of folk, blues and Cajun that Evan Toth, BA’02 (T), brings to “Good Music” to the underground R&B/doo-wop songs on Vitale’s “The Group Harmony Alley.”

The expertise of on-air talent continues to garner great recognition. Carol Beaugard, host of the popular “Lonesome Pine RFD,” is now recognized as the authoritative voice of bluegrass and country music in the New York metropolitan area, and Floyd Cray’s collection of holy hip hop music on “Gospel Vibrations” received the Ohio Gospel Music Award in 2006 and the Holy Hip Hop Ambassadors Award in 2007.

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