n exhibit featuring the powerful work of acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry and the writings of FDU President J. Michael Adams and FDU Magazine Executive Editor Angelo Carfagna, MA’98 (T), will be displayed at the United Nations this fall.

Titled “Afghan Children and the Next Generation,” the exhibit will open on October 31 in the lobby of the U.N. General Assembly. It will showcase about 50 McCurry photos that depict the face of today’s Afghanistan, particularly through the eyes of its children. McCurry is perhaps best known for his haunting photograph of the green-eyed Afghan girl that was featured on the cover of National Geographic in 1985.

While capturing the essence of human struggle and joy everywhere, McCurry has focused in depth on Afghanistan, and his photography has brought to light the critical need to educate the next generation of Afghan children. In addition, his foundation, ImagineAsia, helps children in rural Asian communities by addressing fundamental education and health-care needs. The foundation works with local leaders and nongovernmental organizations to establish primary schools that also offer medical care. Among other accomplishments, ImagineAsia has helped provide thousands of books and supplies to schools and is working to provide stipends for teachers and develop an infrastructure of teacher-training programs in Afghanistan.

“When I look into the eyes of the children of Afghanistan, I see a tough, hearty race full of dignity and fortitude,” McCurry said. “Life in Afghanistan is often harsh and unforgiving, but its people accept the challenge with resilience. My hope for the children of Afghanistan, and anywhere else, is that all are given a solid primary education and are provided adequate health care. Every child has the right to those two basic things.”

In the exhibit, McCurry’s memorable images will be complemented by selected quotes from Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation, the new book co-authored by Adams and Carfagna and published by Kumarian Press (see page 14). The book reveals the deeply interconnected nature of today’s age and challenges and inspires the next generation to forge global connections to overcome global challenges.

“We are honored and excited to collaborate with an artist as talented as Steve McCurry,” Adams and Carfagna said. “We believe this exhibit has great potential to focus the world’s attention on the plight of Afghan children and to help connect the threads that tie all of humanity.”

The exhibit also will include selected digitally displayed images from Afghan women photographers trained through a program sponsored by the U.N. Population Fund.

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