Criminal Justice is one of the top fields of interest for today's college students. Perhaps this popularity is based on our intense interest in criminals and law and order. In the United States we grapple every day with the concept of justice, on the streets, in the courtrooms and even in the statehouse. FDU Magazine asked faculty and alumni to tell us what they think of some of the most high-profile issues in criminal justice today. Their answers reveal the enormously complex considerations that can tip the scales of justice.

FDU Experts

  • Robert Vodde, director, School of Criminal Justice, Metropolitan Campus, on the death penalty
  • Ronald Calissi, director of FDU’s School of Administrative Science and Paulette Laubsch, assistant professor of administrative sciences, on domestic spying

  • James Kenny, associate professor of criminal justice and a retired supervisory treasury officer, on police profiling

  • Kimberly Scrio, BA’04 (T), a paralegal with Casey & Barnett, LLC, in New york City, on the USA Patriot Act

  • Patrick Reynolds, assistant director, School of Criminal Justice, on the use of force by the police

  • Richard Gray, assistant professor of criminal justice and a retired substance abuse coordinator for the U.S. Probation Department in Brooklyn, N.Y., on the War on Drugs

Programs in Criminal Justice

Death Penalty | Domestic Spying | Police Profiling
USA Patriot Act | Excessive Force | War on Drugs

CSI: Teaneck | FDU and Law Enforcement


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