Is Fairleigh Dickinson’s new vision truly responsive to today’s world? Couldn’t be more so.

Global Trends:
Conclusive Findings

Is Fairleigh Dickinson’s new vision truly responsive to today’s world? Couldn’t be more so according to findings published in last summer’s American Educational Research Journal. The article, “Educating World Citizens,” summarized the conclusions of a multinational study on current trends and education strategies.

The article reported that the most important characteristics needed to deal with today’s toughest challenges are:

  1. The ability to look at and approach problems as a member of a global society.
  2. The ability to work with others in a cooperative way and to take responsibility for one’s roles/duties within society.
  3. The ability to understand, accept, appreciate and tolerate cultural differences.

Some of the highly recommended strategies needed to produce those characteristics are:

  • Teaching subjects in a manner that encourages critical thinking and fosters discussion and deliberation with others to reach consensual solutions.
  • Supporting international programs that foster a dialogue among students of all backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Establishing a curriculum that uses the potential of information-based technologies.
  • Developing extensive international links among educational institutions at all levels to support international studies and research.
  • Cultivating a teaching population with international experience and cross-cultural sensitivity.
  • Increasing attention in the curriculum to global issues and international studies.

As President J. Michael Adams has pointed out, “To some degree, Fairleigh Dickinson already does these things, and they are among our greatest strengths. Now we will enhance those strengths and build on our reputation as a physical and intellectual gateway to the world.”

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