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It promises to be e-xciting, e-volutionary and most of all, e-ducational: it’s FDU’s master’s program in e-commerce. Debuting this fall on the Teaneck-Hackensack Campus, this new master of science curriculum equips students with the tools needed for success in this revolutionary field and offers training in the managerial/business areas as well as the technological side of electronic commerce.

In reviewing the program, an academic consultant noted that “... it would become the model for other programs at other universities because it balances a flexible curriculum with an integrated set of core courses and elective tracks.”

Students studying for the new e-commerce degree have a choice in their elective courses. One 15-credit set of electives covers management, communication and information systems. The other set covers the technological aspects of computer systems. Required courses comprise 18 credits, and there are 15 credits of prerequisites.

While many schools have placed e-commerce courses into an MBA program, a certificate or a concentration, few provide a complete master’s degree program on the subject. Currently, there are no offerings in New Jersey with the breadth and depth of the FDU curriculum.

According to the director of the program, Vladimir Zwass, distinguished professor of computer science, “Graduates of the new program will be prepared to develop and manage e-commerce business initiatives and systems and understand the ramifications of the global transformation fueled by the Web.”

By 2003, the total business-to-business e-commerce in the U.S. is estimated to surpass $1.8 trillion. At present, it is valued at no more than 10 percent of this figure, so vast expansion of human resources will be necessary. “To this,” says Zwass, “add the figures for business-to-consumer e-commerce and the intraorganizational support of e-commerce. The demand for trained professionals is and will be very high.”

Editor’s Note: At press time, the full master’s degree program was still awaiting final approval from the state. It currently is available as a certificate program.

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