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Praise for Discovering the World of Wine
     from People Who Know Wine

“Discovering the World of Wine is a great way to enter the serenity of wines, often presented as a world for connoisseurs; this course will open your senses to the beauty of it. At first wine is about feelings and sensations, but the more you learn with this course the more you will enjoy all the nuances and subtleness of wine from the different wine regions. You will also discover a world of passion and friendships . . . a part of humanity for centuries. Welcome to this world with this course.” Laurent J. Drouhin, -- 4th generation of wine passion. Ambassador and export director to the USA and the Caribbean

“This is it. The online wine course is the best way to learn about the enjoyment of wine. It is really worth your while to take this course. It will allow you to enjoy every bottle.” Sally Jessy Raphael -- Talk-show Host

“It was a great pleasure to participate in Discovering the World of Wine and it is an honor for my family’s winery, Champagne Taittinger, to be represented. As one of the last family-owned and -operated Champagne houses, it is our greatest wish is to spread the joy of Champagne and all of its historic culture. The online wine course helps us achieve that and it is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to further their wine knowledge and education.” Vitalie Taittinger -- Global Spokesperson and Creative Director, Champagne Taittinger

“Discovering the World of Wine is one of the most comprehensive online wine courses I have seen that offers the user valuable insights into the world of producing, selling and buying wine, as well as the health and social aspects of wine. I am honored to be a part of the wine video series to share history about the Beaujolais region and the Les Vins Georges Duboeuf story. I am also impressed that the course will help fund scholarships to support future wine industry professionals.” Franck Duboeuf -- Co-proprietor les Vines Georges Duboeuf

“This is an easy, one stop shop for wine education. I think it’s especially great that restaurant culture is a point of focus. Wine and food are inseparable in my world – nice to see that they live together in this online course.” Photo credit Nicole Franzen Nicholas Anderer -- Executive Chef, Maialino Restaurant- NYC

“This course is very unique and interesting; not only does it include all the wines by the grapes but doing wine tasting live with the help of videos it makes it more personable and an interesting educational tool. I personally like section 7 – The Social Side of Wine, because these days the need for wine knowledge is not limited to hospitality professionals -- wines are becoming a part of daily life. People want to know what kind of wine they would prefer when enjoying their food in restaurants or at home. Wine is also considered a good gift, so knowing what you are drinking or gifting is necessary.” Dayapal Chandolia -- Food & Beverage Manager, Park Hyatt Hotel, Washington DC

The best wine learning is through sharing of wine experiences and knowledge. I learn something each time we host a tasting. I feel that Discovering the World of Wine presents a lot of wine knowledge and a chance to share real classes' responses to many wines through the tasting videos. I have and will continue to recommend this class” Anthony Bencivenga -- Wine Manager, Total Wine & More, River Edge, NJ

“Discovering the World of Wine offers an in-depth and insightful overview of what can make wine such a lifelong pursuit –- the people, places, grapes, history and enjoyment. It was a pleasure to take part in the video portion of this class.” Doug Shafer -- Winemaker, Shafer Vineyards

“As a professional wine writer, I found the classes very well written and in depth, I definitely picked up some useful facts from them. I must say, I was so impressed with the other tasters and how spontaneously they came up with such spot-on answers. Viewers probably would never believe that these videos were one-shot takes!” Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng -- founder of wine-tasting consultancy cyn-et-vin

“Whether you are a novice or experienced connoisseur, Discovering the World of Wine offers insight to wine varietals from around world and how they vary by region. The course offers valuable advice on purchasing wines and pairing them with food. The tasting videos are a real bonus to the course.” Al Carlson -- Columbia University Administrator

. . . valuable advice on purchasing wines and pairing them with food . . .

. . . in depth and insightful . . .

. . . a wonderful opportunity for anyone to further their wine knowledge . . .

. . . valuable insights into the world of producing, selling and buying wine . . .

. . . worth your while . . .